About WOODEN.CITY Mechanical Model Kits

Those who are interested in puzzles and mechanical gears will enjoy our mechanical model kits. WOODEN.CITY manufactures 3D mechanical model kits which are assembled just like jigsaw puzzles. Each mechanical model is made up of high quality birch plywood which is precisely cut using high-precision laser equipment. Each model kit is ecu-friendly and is designed in a way that it does not require the use of glue. All mechanical model kits contain moving parts and gears which bring them to life. Those moving gear parts add beauty and offer a unique building experience that presents itself as a challenge to build as a jigsaw puzzle. WOODEN.CITY Mechanical Models has an eye-catching designs that is unique while keeping the elegance and beauty of the model kits.

Grand Design

We offer flexibility and utmost certainty that our product will live up to your expectations, and with every new mechanical model kits you will have a different experience. There is a wide variety of models satisfying both children and adults, ranging form simple to quite challenging. For our grand design and challenging models you should consider buying the wooden mechanical 4×4 or Ferris Wheel. If you are interested in simple models, then you should consider buying the biplane or roman chariot. We try to imitate the designs with our own sprinkle of ideas.

Unique and creative Models

WOODEN.CITY Mechanical Models are great as gifts, toys, home décor, or as a hobby if you love solving puzzles. Since each model kit contains a various difficulty level, they require different amounts of time but still end up resulting in stunning and amazing models. We have a wide range of models starting from vehicles to stunning structures. WOODEN.CITY Mechanical Models are intricate and we work with the aim of providing our customers with high quality model kits that are unique and challenging.

In our WOODEN.CITY Mechanical Models, all the inner workings of the gears are visible as they are assembled and come alive. We design our model kits with a high attention to detail, as every kit is designed to mimic the real-life structure. We strive to develop products that our customers are proud of, appreciate, and are satisfied with. Putting our customers first, we are committed on providing them with the best unique wooden mechanical model kits. We want to create as many products as we can to our amazing collection. We take feedback from our customers very seriously and integrate it in our products. We look forward for you to buy and experience our products which are sure to bring happiness to your life.

Product Features

Our WOODEN.CITY Mechanical Models are Eco-Friendly so they will not pose any risk to the environment. They possess an overwhelming amount of fun and extravagant amount of looks. The wooden models allows for uniqueness and the mechanical model kits can be customized by applying custom paint, stain or stickers which will make the products look even more unique. The best part about these kits is that they can be a healthy, mental brain exercise for your child and will help develop problem-solving skills. If you believe in an Eco-Friendly world, then buying our product will be a good choice.