Luco Toys

Building blocks help your children boost their imagination and take their creative skills to the next level. When it comes to wooden building blocks for kids, Luco Toys is one of the bigger and more prominent names. Read on and you’re going to learn everything you’d need to know about Luco Toys.

65 piece Luco wooden building bricks house kid playing

Interlocking Blocks:

Luco building blocks are interlocking, which means that your creative child will be able to connect the available shapes in any way he/she wants and would be able to build creative and unique structures. 

Luco blocks for kids come in 4 shapes; a plank, an X, a long H shape, and a short H shape. As these shapes are inter-lockable, your child can use his/her creativity to build complex and creative structures. 

The Luco puzzles are for children aging 3 years old and up. A 3-year-old kid will be able to build simple and easy objects out of these building blocks. While, on the other hand, an older 12-year-old child will be able to build more complex and creative objects, like, maybe, a UFO? Who knows! Your kid may be more creative than your own self.

65 piece Luco wooden building bricks close up

Safe for Kids:

There’s no shame in being concerned about the materials used in the construction of wooden toys for kids. As the wood of many trees could be toxic and harmful for your little one, your concern is indeed inevitable. 

In the case of Luco building blocks, you’d be glad to know that these are certified safe for your kids to play with. Luco company uses a rubberwood to make these puzzles. The rubberwood is from rubber trees that served its purpose, this way the toy company is giving a new life to it. This state of their wood is very Eco-friendly and perfectly safe to make wooden toys for kids. 

Each building block is handmade from one piece of wood. This makes sure the blocks are strong, and sustainable, and don’t chip around, and hurt your child. 

In many cases, the paint applied to different toys could be dangerous and toxic. But, in the case of Luco toys, the paint is perfectly non-toxic and safe for your kid to play with. The paint applied here is water-based and is ISO-certified to be safe and sound.

All the related items that come along, for example, the box, the jute bag, the shapes, and the folder, are all deeply tested and only shipped after they’ve passed the European child safety standards.

Imagination Skills:

You may see it as a child’s play, but building blocks actually help your young one boost his/her imagination and learn more creative 3D-thinking skills. 

When your little one plays with these blocks and makes different structures and fixtures, it helps in building up his or her creativity. A child’s brain grows and expands during the play. That is why, the building blocks, specifically, Luco ones, help your kid grow and expand his/her mind.

Each human being has a unique brain with unique thoughts and hidden capabilities. Creative building blocks can help your child unlock these hidden capabilities and come up with new and innovative structural ideas. In the long run, your young one will be able to be more creative and productive throughout his/her life.

65 piece Luco wooden building bricks animals


Luco Toys are very safe and easy-to-play-with wooden toys for your kids. They also help in boosting creativity and improving the creative imagination of your child.

Wooden City provides you with the one-spot stop to get your hands on Luco building blocks for your kids. 

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