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One of the most favorite games of all boys is shooting. Every man in childhood had a toy gun, and not one. A true professional knows how his gun works, especially if he assembled it himself. Designer assault rifle – only for experts.

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Wood Trick Assault Rifle

The gun has an accurate sight, which you can install yourself anywhere on the barrel. Included with the pistol is a clip with eight bullets, as well as a spare set of bullets. But do not worry, it will not offend the defenseless, because there is also a fuse on the trunk. The Assault Rifle charges quickly and can shoot without stopping until the holder becomes empty.

Wood Trick designers help children develop their imagination not only during the game, but also during the assembly process. Your child will feel like a real architect and designer. Easy and clear to the child instruction will help him to assemble the designer independently and, undoubtedly, to acquire modeling skills.