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The Belaz Mini is a smaller mechanical model kit from EWA that can fit on a palm of your hand. The kit made from eco-friendly wood, Birch Plywood.

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EWA Belaz Mini

The EWA Belaz Mini model kit is a replica of an actual Belaz. All the elements of the Belaz Mini are adding beauty and style. The machine easily fits into a palm of your hand. Even though this model is small it has a secret storage. The Belaz Mini does not have rubber band engine. It’s powered by pushing, in other words, you control it where you want it to go. 

This model kit is strong and durable. It is made of the eco-friendly material, Birch Plywood. The Belaz Mini model will last for a long time and give plenty hours of enjoyment by assembling it and playing with it. 

The EWA Belaz Mini mechanical model kit is a beginner set. It is a great present for anyone who likes challenges and assembly.