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Da Vinci Chariot

If you’ve ever seen movies that depicted war in ancient times, particularly around Rome – you’ve likely seen this powerful, and often devastating creation Da Vinci Chariot.

Da Vinci war chariot was used in ancient wars to slice through and damage enemy soldiers. It’s equipped with powerful blades next to each wheel that would be devastating at high speeds.

Now you have the chance to build one of these powerful war chariots for yourself.

The Da Vinci Scythed War Chariot is a historically accurate DIY wooden 3D puzzle kit by WOODEN CITY will give you hours of fun during the creation process. Also it is tons of fun when you use the powerful self-propelled engine to shoot it forward once it’s assembled. It also makes for a gorgeous accessory for your work desk or living room table, reminding you of ancient warriors and the power they had.

During assembly there’s absolutely no glue needed, the wooden pieces are made to fit together perfectly just like jigsaw puzzles. The only thing powering the ending is a simple rubber band. Follow the included assembly manual to complete this 3d wooden model.