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There’s a special feeling that comes when you see a Wooden Farm Mill in person – you hear the soft creaking of the wood, the sun shining on your skin, and see the wind blowing on the windmill.

All this results in a very calm, peaceful experience that really lets you connect with nature – and now you can recreate it with this 3D mechanical wooden model by WOODEN.CITY.

Get that same feeling, and have your very own wooden windmill in your home – this wooden model mill lets you build one for yourself! It’s very simple to make, you’ll just have to follow the included instructions. The whole assembly process takes around 7 hours, giving you plenty of fun while you do it.

If you’re wondering whether this WOODEN.CITY Mill works, we’re happy to say it does – inside is a powerful engine powered by a rubber band that can propel it and spin the blades around.

Made with environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable materials. See every movement of the gears inside this beautiful creation, and admire it as it sits on your work desk or coffee table. Includes a secret box for coins or jewelry on the bottom of the mill.