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This beautifully crafted WOODEN.CITY Mystery Box is more than just a mechanical model kit and storage box. This elegantly carved box invite you to take a glimpse into the mystery of moving parts and mechanics. It is a mystery to open this Mystery Box and the only way you can find is after assembling it.

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The EWA Mystery Box is an epitome of creative ingenuity, flawlessly made to astound and awe anyone with its intricate curves, bends and fittings. Designed with the dimensions of an everyday regular box, only that it is extremely unusual! Its fully assembled parts will reveal a masterpiece that has several layers of expertly jointed wooden parts and edges with an undeniable magical allure. This product clearly shows the amount of style, skill, thought and creative quotient possessed by professional craftsmen and designers.  Every piece of the model carefully made to leave you in awe!

The Mystery Box mechanical model kit is one having many parts as you know. As for many 3D puzzles lovers it will be a great enjoyment. The kit has over hundred (176) parts. It could be the perfect item to create that bonding moment between you and your loved ones, and also make that ideal gift for your teen (fourteen years old and above).  Outside the obvious grandeur of the Mystery Box architecture is made from 100% naturally sourced materials, the Birch plywood.  It promises lasting luster, and durability through the years.

The clear aesthetic appeal of this product would make it serve you well in your home. It will bring a strong aura of cool style and eccentric swagger! It is a great storage box for your jewelry as well as any small treasures. 

There is no need of any kind adhesives to put together this product. It is snaps all together.  A step by step instruction book is provided.  Place your order now to get yours.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Xmas Gift for Puzzle Lover

I stumbled across this puzzle box while on Amazon while doing my Xmas shopping. It looks beautiful and functional. Unfortunately, this is a gift, so I cannot comment on how it looks, yet. I also purchased Kinectic Picture puzzle also. I think it will make a great gift and it will look awesome.

Amending previous review-It was total a user error

Hi there, I originally left a review for the puzzle box with 3 stars because at the time, no matter what I did, the connections were not matching up... However, the issue was caused by total user error because a few days later, I was able to get everything in it's right place with flawless connection.

The quality really is top notch. I have made multiple models from a certain similar company as well as ferris wheels, marble mazes, many wooden model ships, space shuttles, bridges, and etc from smaller less known companies. Over the past few months I added Wooden City's wall map, Ferris Wheel, and Puzzle Box to my collection.

The pieces are easily removed from their setting and is made from thick sturdy material. The toothpicks are actually designed to fit easily through their slot with minimal adjustments. But, I have come to expect what ever adjustments that are needed as normal with laser cut wooden models; they are just part of the experience. Considering how little I needed to do this, the model is appropriately designed with toothpicks in mind. This is in comparison to another similar company, which did not have the same design quality.

Visitors who see my "museum of models" (AKA: the living room, den, kitchen counter, piano, etc) even noticed the difference between this other company's and Wooden City designs, pointedly noticing Wooden City's sturdy and more professional quality.

Anyways, I apologize for the previous average rating- the issue really was on my end. I hope this offered a better representation of the product. I wish I could upload pics to verify and compare the models, but don't see any way to do so.

One thing that I would like to see amended, which I also encountered with the ferris wheel, is that sometimes the number is different between the instruction manual and pieces. It is not hard to figure out the appropriate piece, but an update would be appreciated.

Awesome design but faulty cut? Or user error??

So, the box is amazing in general but i think i got a faulty cut... the first layer to be put into the bottom foundation is not aligning with the matching slits. I have re-arranged.. tried inserting with mirroring flipped adjustments... but the box is not properly cut to fit...

Also, though i didnt note which piece at the time, the numbering in the instruction manual does not entirely match the pictured piece to the pysical match. So far, this has only been 1 piece but i havent been able to move beyond bc i cant get past the first step of connecting the box to the base.

I have pics in case it is a user error but do not see a way to upload....