Everything you need to know about Tegu Magnetic Toys For Kids

Tegu is a toy company well-known for selling magnetic building blocks. It’s based in the United States and Honduras. It was the first company that started manufacturing magnetic wooden blocks for kids. 

In the next few minutes of reading this article, you’re going to learn what Tegu blocks are, are they safe for kids of different ages, and how do they affect the learning skills or abilities of kids.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Classic Blocks Children Playing

What are the Tegu blocks?

Tegu blocks are small wooden structures with magnets sealed inside. They take the concept of classic building blocks and push it to the next level with the simplicity and magic of magnets. Tegu sets consist of blocks of different shapes and sizes for all the building needs for your kid.  A good example are these Classic Magnetic Wooden Blocks.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks Boy Playing with Trave Pal

Safe for kids of any age:

There has been a lot of fuss around regarding the safety of children around magnets. As magnets attract iron, it’s often assumed that magnets will attract the iron in children’s blood and cause a disruption in the blood flow. Well, let’s tell you, there’s absolutely no reason to believe that. 

Let’s consider the example of an MRI machine that uses magnets to detect diseases. It uses magnets which are 300 to 600 times more powerful than your regular tegu magnets. Even with that immense power, the MRI machine doesn’t cause any disruption in the blood flow of humans. So, it’s safe to say that tegu magnetic wooden blocks are safe for children of any age.

Another concern people have about children’s safety around tegu blocks is that children might end up swallowing the magnets. That could have been a genuine concern in the past, but not today. Tegu blocks have raised their safety standard according to the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). CPSC demands that all the magnets which are small enough to be swallowed should have their strengths limited to a safe range. 

Safety of Tegu magnetic wooden blocks was one of the hot topics on the FAQs of Tegu’s website. And they replied, “Yes Yes Yes. The magnets are hidden inside the blocks and are therefore not visible or accessible. This is thanks to the thoughtful toy design and quality toy manufacturing behind the Tegu concept. Safety, quality, and durability are of the utmost importance to Tegu. Our blocks boast a patent-pending solid hardwood construction that keeps the magnets inside”.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks Toddlers with Racers

Learning skills/abilities:

As the safety concerns are out of the way now, let’s look at how playing with Tegu magnetic building blocks helps your kid learn different skills or abilities throughout his childhood. 

Playing with sets of wooden blocks help your kid aged 2-4 in developing some motor skills. If your kid is a creative one, he can even start to recognize patterns by solving these puzzles associated with Tegu magnetic wooden blocks. 

When your kid reaches five years old, they can start developing skills in balancing Tegu blocks on top of each other. This will help them boost their mind growth at an early age. 

After kids turn 6, they will learn to play with their imaginations. they can use sets of wooden blocks to build certain structures that are roaming around in their mind. When they grow pass 8, they’ll learn about problem-solving. Exposing your kid to real-life puzzles and making them try to solve these puzzles is a great way to boost his or her problem-solving skills. At the same age, they will develop skills in storytelling. By building different structures using Tegu’s magnetic wooden blocks, they’ll learn to showcase their imaginations and stories through materials. 

Simply put, you can teach your kid many skills that will be very useful for them later on, just by purchasing a set of Tegu’s magnetic wooden blocks. 

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